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First time couples

Swinging can be very daunting to first time couples and there are a few things new couples should learn before going full steam ahead with couples who they meet online. There are a few basic do’s and don’ts that all swingers abide whether new or not. These rules were put in place by clubs and hosts to ensure that all couples and swingers partaking in sex meets were having a fun time. Below are just a few basic rules that you should all learn and stick too when swinging for the first time. Full rules and ettiquete can be found inside the members area once you have registered!

1. Swinging is for open minded couples and it never goes down well at a party of one partner leaves early and the other stops. Usually if one goes then you both go. Couples need to learn to be a swinging couple and not a couple of mates who come to parties now and again.

2. No means No – Just because we are all fucking you can not presume that a lady is going to do what you want always ask and if she says no she means it.

3. Respect others boundaries – You should always find out what your play mates boundaries are and never over step their comfort zones. If you don’t stick to the boundaries then you might be asked to leave and never invited back again.

4. Never reveal your play mates identities to anyone – You might be one of these people who are always open and honest but not all of us are and many wish to remain anonymous and don’t want their identities revealed to anyone.

5. hygiene – All men and women must be presented well and wash your bits no one likes smelly sex partners if you smell like you havent washed for a month or brushed your teeth chances are no one is going to want to sleepwith you.

6. Always take your own protection ie condoms lube etc and your own sex toys – I for one like to take my own toys etc and I know many others do too. It’s always best to practice safe sex and if you turn up to a club who don’t have condoms then you know you are prepared by bringing your own.

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